Web 2.0 vs Web 3.0

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Shopify Stock vs WordPress Customization

Before we start process of comparison it is important for you to understand the two platforms and how distinct and unique features of Shopify and WordPress are. … Read More

Paperless Transactions is a base of Digital Banking

With the ever-increasing use of paperless transactions. We may be heading toward a cashless economy. Our blog looks at the economic implications of a cashless society. Have you ever thought of what a completely cashless society would look like? Although … Read More

Top 3 Ways to Identify a Gap in the Market

Top 3 Ways to Identify a Gap in the Market

You recently saw Elon Musk’s tweet of him giving away free bitcoins and feel that what is it exactly that he’s doing to be this successful. You fire up your laptop and start researching and congratulations! You have just been … Read More

Top 5 Tech to Boost your Business in 2022

Top 5 Tech to Boost your Business in 2022

Keeping up with the fast-paced competitive environment in 2022 is really a huge challenge for any business these days. Whether it is any industry, technology is the future. Learning to tackle such environments and staying on the top means you … Read More

Best Business Ideas List in 2022

Best Business Ideas List in 2022

You have finally got the time and investment to get rich but you have no idea what to do. You plan on investing in stocks but the global situation scares you. You think of cryptocurrency and NFTs but don’t understand … Read More

How to pitch ideas

How to pitch ideas in 2022

The 2020s have seen an influx of business startups emerging around the globe. This was partially due to the pandemic, but with the available time, many found themselves thinking beyond their daily routines and stepping towards the road to innovation, … Read More

tech startup guide


For all non-techie’s here, tech startups are simply known as organizations whose mission is to introduce new technological services and products for technological solutions of complications in an existing market. Now here it comes where most newbies get confused between … Read More

developing Mobile Apps

Top 3 Key Considerations when developing Mobile Apps

[web_stories title=”false” excerpt=”false” author=”false” date=”false” archive_link=”true” archive_link_label=”” circle_size=”150″ sharp_corners=”false” image_alignment=”left” number_of_columns=”1″ number_of_stories=”5″ order=”DESC” orderby=”post_title” view=”circles” /]Technology, in today’s times, has advanced rapidly. We may not have flying cars as of yet, but the drastic changes in the ease of access … Read More

Tech partner for business

Top 5 Home Based Business Ideas for 2022

Having another stream of income has become important nowadays for everyone these days as the global recession has been taking its toll on all of us. If you have a few extra dollars that you feel can be put to … Read More