Shopify Stock vs WordPress Customization

Which is Better for Ecommerce and Your Online Store?

Shopify vs WordPress is a question a lot of business ask themselves. If you’re thinking on launching your own ecommerce store, you might want to examine both platforms and their key features. 

Before we start the process of comparison it is important for you to understand the two platforms and how distinct and unique features of Shopify and WordPress are. The main distinguishable feature between the two platforms is that Shopify offers online services on the other hand, WordPress is a software that you need to install for yourself. 

Shopify vs WordPress


Shopify stock is world leading web application that has partnered with many ecommerce shstock here companies and is designed for merchants to build reliable online stores. Shopify is an all-in-one platform not only provides an ecommerce service but also gives a domain name and access to different payment methods for your ease. Shopify Stock comes with a wide range of templates, and you can customize your store to suit your requirements. That’s not at all, you can edit things like CSS and HTML with Shopify and in no time you can set-up your own store with a limited learning curve. Shopify for more than 10 years is offering services and ecommerce solutions which is helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs to launch their own shops. The pricing policy of Shopify stock is exceptional which enables you to start selling for just $29 per month. 

There is another feature of Shopify which needs to be applauded that it is a hosted solution. This means all functionality comes from the servers of Shopify. Everything is run on Shopify’s servers since it is a “hosted” solution. As a result, you don’t need to worry about purchasing web hosting or installing any software because everything you need to construct and maintain your store is supposedly provided for you. 


You should be aware of the difference between two types of WordPress which is and Both the websites are hosted by different companies in which is like Shopify, offering ecommerce services and tools for ease. You pay a monthly subscription for the SaaS tool This approach is more of an all-inclusive approach that you may use to create and manage a variety of websites., on the other hand, is e-commerce or website-building software that you install on your personal web server. You can alter this open-source programme as much as you want unlike Shopify. is a very flexible tool that is simple to use and customise, especially if you have experience with coding. WordPress can be installed in servers for free but there is a cost linked with hosting. Hosting solutions easy to find for WordPress which offers many exciting features. Through WordPress you can access free themes and add-ons and the hosting can be used for product reviews and inventory management. 


There are a lot of things that you will need to consider when comparing Shopify and WordPress which includes, ease of access, free and attractive themes, and other distinct features. You should also consider the fact of software costs and choose the right option for your store. Shopify has a total of 5 pricing plans starts at $29 per month and ends at $299 per month. Whereas the average price of WordPress ecommerce store involves hosting of $350 per year with several additional costs which makes the overall costs to exceed $1000. Shopify is much cheaper option as compared to WordPress. This is also since WordPress wasn’t developed for creation of online stores. Instead, WordPress is intended to make a website online and provide flexible plugins. WordPress provides an opportunity to create attractive stores with the help of a developer to get the most out of the features. WordPress is popular and the good news is it has guides and resources to help you get started with your website. 

Which is Better? Shopify or WordPress?

Despite all the benefits associated with WordPress, Shopify is a much better option for an ecommerce website owner. WordPress helps to manage content of the site that you have developed through this platform. If you are also looking for simplicity with no technicalities, it is better that you should go for Shopify. WordPress will give you all the options that you need but if you don’t have command over technicalities, Shopify is the best option.  Shopify is easier to use, and hosting is included with the product and the technicalities are minimized. 

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