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For all non-techie’s here, tech startups are simply known as organizations whose mission is to introduce new technological services and products for technological solutions of complications in an existing market. Now here it comes where most newbies get confused between start-up and entrepreneurship. Not to hesitate as it is something, which has a complicated relationship. With understanding of minor differences and also similarities it will be apprehensible. This discussion is something irresolvable from a long period. Different schools of thoughts define it both in similar or dissimilar manners as suitable to their market positions. As defined above, startup is something which provides solutions occurring in existing markets and entrepreneurship is disruptive in nature. Disruptive in a sense that it will challenge to be a more productive and viable solution among all other solutions available to resolve the particular or other problems. Nearly all start-ups nowadays count themselves as tech startups. Which covers a wide area of needs for basic household to giant b2b firms, for instance artificial intelligence, telehealth and virtual medical services, remote job opportunities, EdTech startups, biotech startups, robotic delivery, e-commerce startups, delivery apps. Finding technology solutions is what is the most basic niche for tech startups.



Now moving on how to initiate your tech startups procedure and what should be your first step for setting up an tech startup. First of all you should have some experience in dealing with several issues like finance, legal, sales and marketing. Products whether virtual in the form of software/application or physical form must be effective and problem resolving. It would be cherry on the top if the product is related to the issue you have been facing, in this case you would be the best one to test it and score it. Almost half of the products fail, because there isn’t an actual need in the market. Product should have minimum viability as MVP in business terms, which means it should be problem solving and have enough potential to attract early customers. Remember, striving to entertain multiple audiences can lead to losing all other consumer ship. First idea and finished product must cater to the specific need or demand of the user in order to achieve sustainability at the first step. Try to adapt      technology solutions for quick problem solving.


Market research must be your daily routine. Your observation of ups and down in the market must be crystal clear. Hire a team if you need for fulfillment of this crucial factor. Demand for innovative and technology solutions is increasing day by day. You have to find  in which segment of the market you fall. Who are your customers?. What are they searching for?. What are the financial conditions of the market?. Do you have competitors? If yes then what is their reach in the market? What is their product? Why is it unique? What audience are they neglecting?. All this research will provide you with analysis about how you can make your product unique and effective. To make it not burdensome do technology solutions for it such as taking subscription of online tools and journals. If you are providing any computer program integration should be easy and minimum to cost if any upgrade is required. Tech startups without the correct strategy are more vulnerable.


Acknowledge your competitors as it will lead you to broad analysis of their presence and standing in the market. It will provide you with immense information of the product and the market you need to penetrate. These four threats will enable you to make your product more validated as per tech startups  market demands. tech startup guide


Hire the most accomplished, brilliant and capable team for your startup to manage the workflow. As this is the key component of any startup. Equipped them with latest technology solutions for best output. Tech for startup can yield better results without it. It’s obvious that you have to pay higher to your techie’s, as there is a shortage of software developers and in contemporary fields. You can make a combination of fresh and experienced individuals. Usually it’s newbies who tend to go to any limits to achieve their targets.


Workflow organization is the most crucial factor for any business whether startup or not. For this purpose, train your team and also yourself. It will enhance capability of executing any activity and operation. Also you can speed-up your work process without deviating from your daily goals and targets. Take help of technology solutions for it. This doesn’t mean to force your team to work more than their capacity, which can lead to exhaustion. Tech for startup approach never permits workaholic culture. Instead it permits smart work  .Ask your team the difficulties they face in execution of their daily duties, find kaizen for them and make it part of the procedures. Tech startups usually require more dedication than other forms of startups.


Market your startup at the right places. Right places means marketing yourself in the most potential places where your maximum consumer ships exist. For instance, if your start-up is an LMS Portal, then the most effective places for advertising will be Schools, college & university campuses, and all other online forums where young people’s presence is high. Tech for startup itself needs promotion at first in tech-related markets, to reach tech. Connected people.


Finance and funding would be raised without any difficulty if as i mentioned above that pre-market tests of your product would yield brilliant results. For more, give effective presentations to VC firms, angel investors. But always remember this will be successful only if your product possesses all the basic features to solve the problem.


Commitment to innovation should be your organizational objective. As it is key characteristics for any startup company. Your startup’s structure should be resilient. Resilient in the sense of accepting any kind of new circumstances. Best example was Nokia. Tech for startup approach should always stay your first priority.


Even after reading all the journals and articles about start-ups. You should rely 99.99 on your diligence. Even if not for one idea your constant involvement, hard work and experience will surely bring you meaningful success. To make this journey smooth for you. offers you a wide variety of services. APIFY is a curtain-raiser for you towards digitalization and personalization of your virtual chamber of your  business. renders their un-interrupted and reliable services of web development & design, mobile app development, software development, start-ups, devops, digital marketing, business process outsourcing, business intelligence, Laravel development, e-commerce development, IT management services. Go digitalize and protect your customers through the virtual world. One window for tech for startup solutions.


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